Trickster to ramp up excitement

01:39, Mar 18 2012
Jed Mildon
DAREDEVIL: Taupo BMXer Jed Mildon is hoping to take an unheard-of step and attempt a quadruple backflip.

Thought a triple backflip was impressive? Nah, that was nothing - try a quadruple backflip.

Yep, after nine months riding and performing in Australia, the United States and Europe, Taupo BMXer Jed Mildon is hoping to take an unheard-of step.

Mildon, who landed the world's first triple backflip last May in Taupo, believes one more rotation is possible. He just needs the money and the resources to do it.

"I want to do a quad flip," he said.

"I'd like to do that and not have to worry about doing anything else. I could probably just sit back and see no one else do it in my lifetime. I'd be pretty satisfied with that.

"It's just as achievable as the triple flip.

"You just need the money to get the right facilities.

"It would be a massive undertaking to do it  but I'm prepared to do it."

The 25-year-old, who has been looking into making a feature film about his exploits, potentially making the "quad flip" the central element, would do the "quad" in New Zealand, with his home town Taupo at the top of the list for locations.

Mildon has had a pretty interesting ride over the last nine months. After landing the triple flip, which received more than eight million views on YouTube, he became a hot commodity on the demonstration circuit in the United States.

A shoulder injury curtailed things for three months but he's kept riding, mostly in Australia, but also at the Masters of Dirt demonstrations in Vienna, Italy.

The BMXer says the expectation is there for him to pull off his trademark trick at these sorts of things, but he hasn't repeated it since last May.

"For me, it's done. It doesn't need to be done any more, unless they wanted to pay for it. That was why I went to Vienna. They wanted it but they couldn't afford it, so they said 'just come over anyway and have fun'. So I just had fun."

Mildon has more riding coming up in New Zealand, as well as upcoming trips to Australia and England for more demonstrations.

His search for funding for his feature film idea continues. It would be a hell of a movie  if you've got mates with big money, give them a yell.

Mildon is a legitimate extreme sports star, with an almost unlimited potential.

Looking forward to seeing what he gets up to in 2012.


Jed Mildon
RISKY MOVES: Taupo BMXer Jed Mildon performs in his hometown of Taupo.

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