Lists to die for

SHORTLAND Street has taken a morbid twist recently so much so that during last week's action Sarah Potts, right, and TK Samuels made lists of things to do before they die.

The characters had fairly modest dreams of activities they hoped to complete such as scuba diving and horse riding but the actors who play the married couple are thinking far bigger.

Benjamin Mitchell and Amanda Billing have written their own bucket lists and while the former Mr New Zealand wants international fame and megabucks, his 32-year-old on-screen wife plans to emigrate and start a family.

Ben's bucket list:

Have a net worth of $15 million

Act in a Hollywood blockbuster

Produce a NZ feature film

Be a fluent speaker of Italian, Spanish, French and Hindi

Have five kids

Amanda's bucket list:

Learn to speak another language fluently

Have kids

Live overseas

Learn to surf

Make feature films

Amanda has found it tough dealing with the MS storyline which she researched by spending time with sufferers of the condition who also appeared in the show.

"It was quite a bit different to be pretending to have MS in the midst of people who do have MS. I was intimidated by that, it was quite strange, really humbling," she told Sunday News.

"That doesn't happen very often in making a drama that real life and fantasy collide."

To cope with the challenges on set Amanda has found it more important than ever to switch off when she's not filming.

"I don't read my lines at home any more, you've got to set some boundaries work is work," she said.


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