Dogs savage woman, bowl pregnant sister

Last updated 12:11 25/01/2013

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The mother of a woman bitten to the bone in a dog attack is "incensed" nothing has happened to the dogs.

Kyla Strahl, 27, has been in hospital for five days after being savaged by two dogs on Monday in South New Brighton Park, Christchurch.

Strahl and her boyfriend were walking her pet labrador, Rudy, in the park, which borders her mother's house.

Judy Strahl was in the house when she heard her daughter screaming outside.

"She was just coming in our gate when the neighbour's dogs - I think they're pit bulls - were jumping at their fence and got out and rushed over and started attacking Rudy," she said.

"Kyla tried to stop them attacking Rudy and they latched on to her. I heard all this screaming and rushed down."

It took five people, including a player from a nearyby tennis court, to restrain the dogs and return them to their yard.

"We tried to pull them off, but they were strong. My sister-in-law had the foresight to grab the hose and was blasting water to get them off, while the tennis pro jumped the fence and opened the gate to the neighbour's house," Strahl said.

The dogs' owners were not home at the time.  

Kyla Strahl was seriously wounded and has had to have surgery on her bitten arm.

"They bit her one arm very badly, right down to the bone. There was a lot of blood. They also got her leg and her hand," Judy Strahl said.

"She has been crying about it when she thinks of it. It was very scary for all of us."

Kyla's sister, who is eight and a half months pregnant, was knocked to the ground as she tried to pull the dogs off her sister. She was taken to hospital to be checked after the incident.

"She was shaken and stressed by the attack, which is the last thing she needs," Strahl said.

Rudy was badly bitten on the stomach and ear and had to be taken to a vet.

Strahl was "incensed and disappointed" that nothing had happened to the neighbour's dogs.

"They're are still barking in the backyard. They haven't been removed,'' she said. 

''All of us in the area are now all afraid to go out the back. If it had been a smaller dog or an older person or a child, they would have been toast."

She had called the police, who referred her to the Christchurch City Council.

"The animal control officer has been here and is following protocol and said he can't do anything until he has built a case against them," she said.

"It's their first offence, which should be their last as far as I'm concerned, but we have no rights.

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''We have to wait while they build a case against two dogs who clearly bit a person."

Strahl had not heard from the owners of the dogs.

Kyla, a chef based in Spain, was due to be discharged from Christchurch Hospital this morning. 

The city council said it was investigating.

- The Press

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