Tiger's antics worry golf wives

16:00, Feb 27 2010
Michael and Julie Campbell

MICHAEL Campbell has revealed Tiger Woods' cheating has hit the private lives of pro golfers worldwide.

Kiwi ace Cambo says golf Wags (Wives and Girlfriends) everywhere were fearful there may have been a "what happens on tour, stays on tour" mindset among their men after news of Tiger's off-course antics broke.

This has strained the marriages and private lives of some of the best players and their families.

"He hasn't done golf any favours. It's put doubt in the other wives and girlfriends' minds, [about] that `what happens on tour, stays on tour' kind of attitude," 2005 US Open-winner Campbell told Sunday News.

"I know Tiger pretty well and I'm very surprised by his actions, his wrong-doings. Obviously he had that underlying urge to do what he did, but I think if you speak to most guys on tour, they're surprised by his outside activities.

"I admire him as a golfer and also as a bloke. He's a good guy to hang out with, but I feel sorry for Elin [Woods' wife] and the kids, so it's very much a Catch 22 for me.


"I don't know when he'll come back to golf or what I'll say to Tiger when I see him. It all depends on how I feel at the time. I think right now he needs support from his peers.

"When we're there with him on the course he's a golfer to us, not so much a married man with two kids, he's a golfer. But being a married man myself with two kids, as I say, I just feel sorry for Elin. Those sorts of things should never happen.

"But we can't pass judgement because we just don't know what's happened in his life."

Campbell, wed to blonde Australian beauty Julie, did pass judgement on Tiger's recent public apology however, questioning how genuine it really was.

"I didn't feel his speech was heartfelt. It was too scripted. For me, if he'd spoken off the cuff, the apology would have come across a lot better."

"He spoke of coming back though we don't know when that will be. The crowd might even come along and boo him. That's why I think Augusta [US Masters in April] would be a good time for him. It's very patrolled and policed there."

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