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The Sunday Star-Times is New Zealand's largest Sunday newspaper and is published by Fairfax Media. We value our readers and welcome your thoughts and feedback. Below are our key contact details.

Subscription queries
Phone: 0800 339 000

To speak to any staff, editorial, sales or distribution phone 09 925 9700

Contact the Sunday Star-Times
For comments, complaints and editorial enquiries (not intended as letters to the editor) email

Story tips
Story tips and media releases can be sent to, call 09 925 9937 for the news desk, or check the list of reporters below.

Letters to the editor
Letters should include the writer's full name, address and phone number. They should be no longer than 150 words and may be edited for length. Please do not submit letters that have been submitted to any other publication. Send postal letters to PO Box 1327, Auckland 1140 or email

Buy Sunday Star-Times photos
Printed copies of published photos taken by Fairfax photographers can be purchased for personal/home use by contacting
Fairfax licensing/syndication requests for photos, articles and video, can be sent to or call 0800 FFX SYNDI (0800 339 79634)

Advertising enquiries
For advertising enquiries, phone Steven Hutton on 09 925 9657 or email

Editorial staff:

Jonathan Milne - Editor 

Bevan Hurley - Chief News Director 09 925 9934

Jayne Atherton - Business Editor 09 925 9925  

Paul Cully - Sports Editor 07 849 9652   
News Directors      
David Gadd (Auckland) 09 925 9937  
Wayne Timmo (Waikato) 07 849 9672  
Eric Janssen (Wellington) 04 474 0051
Blair Ensor (Christchurch) 03 943 2827



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