Rod Oram


Rod Oram: Key's mixed messages abroad don't do us any favours

AUDIENCES AROUND the world have picked up a little bit more than usual about New Zealand in recent weeks. All three stories – involving hoki fishing, climate change and tourism – are problematic for us.

ROD ORAM: NZ's OECD progress

Sunday Star Times

Are we winning or losing as a nation? Take your pick. You can select economic and social data to try to prove your point of view.

ROD ORAM: Emission critical

Sunday Star Times

We're getting there. Thanks to diligent work from business, government and other interested parties over the past couple of months, the emissions trading and energy bill tabled in parliament on Tuesday is shaping up to be a practical and effective piece of legislation.

ROD ORAM: Digital future looks brighter

Sunday Star Times

The nation's telecommunications sector is clearly entering a new, constructive phase. We're starting to see the sort of ambitious but collaborative behaviour between players that might finally deliver the very high-speed broadband and great international connections we need to fulfil our economic potential.

ROD ORAM: Brave new Fonterra

Sunday Star Times

Fonterra has articulated at last a big ambition worthy of New Zealand's dairy farmers: it wants to be a truly multinational company leading the world in developing, processing, trading and supplying milk products through operations around the globe.

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