Lockwood locks love in

00:05, Jun 26 2009

Nothing beats love, and the romantic news of the New Year is that the new Speaker for the House, Lockwood Smith, is getting married! Lockwood's mum must be thrilled that his long-term girlfriend Alexandra Lang, pictured, has agreed to make an honest man out of him at last.

Celebs return to our Top Towns

WHAT THE beautiful few do: Marc Ellis and wife Agustina Mon are back from a month's holiday in Argentina and, according to my admiring spies, Marc has lost heaps of weight and is looking fit, tanned, and drop-dead gorgeous all the better to appear as co-host for the return of Top Town alongside Mikey Havoc and Hayley Holt. (Agustina always looks gorgeous so nothing to report there.)

Lockwood Smith and fiance Alexandra Lang

Charlotte Dawson crossed the ditch to spend the holidays in a pup tent at her family's bach up north and Gilda Kirkpatrick got into trouble in Honolulu. But what woman would complain? She was at the coolest bar in Waikiki in a micro mini skirt, with her husband Jimmy and some National Party friends trying to buy drinks at the bar, but they wouldn't serve her! She had to get out ID to prove she was over 21!

And Nicky Watson is back home with her family after a long sojourn in LA and was seen at the polo over the break with her old friend, designer Michaiah Simmons (remember the pair were in the news together when Logan Millar died?). Nicky is still grieving for her dog Crikit who died last year and isn't ready yet to get another dog. Self-described celestial terrorist, astrologer Don Murray, is convinced this is the year she will have a baby though. To a young polo hunk perhaps?

Meanwhile, diehard petrol-head Ali Williams got to host the official launch of the Supercar Show on the eve of the AIGP which will take place in Taupo later this month.


"Wild horses couldn't drag me from a show like this," said the massive All Black. "These are the cars dreams are made of. They take leading roles in action films; they represent the hottest and fastest on the market. I'm stoked to be cutting the ribbon of this A-class event." There were about $15 million worth of cars to be swooned over.

Storm in a D-cup

STEVE CROW, aka Mr Porn New Zealand (who happens to have three degrees, including two masters, one with honours and one an MBA), is not a happy chap. A young lady boasting 36 inches worth of double D-cup posed for his nothing if not low rent polythene encased smut mag, Brass Extreme. The photo shoot was organised by Strippers R Us but nonetheless Miss Kirsty Weaver is suing Steve because, she says, the photos he published showed her nipples. She wants $7500 to compensate her hurt "pride" and "reputation". Her lawyer is, I suspect, rather enjoying his job right now. Currently the case is delayed as the "issues" need to be more closely examined.

Double trouble

BLONDE BOMBSHELL and mother of two Vicky Lee is back from the Gold Coast where she has been taking her clothes off in a professional capacity. She is thinking of relocating. Meanwhile Lisa Lewis is expanding her business. Undeterred by derision, the former Alt TV Naked News reader now has her own porn site. Tacky of course, but highly lucrative. "Gentlemen" pay a monthly subscription about $30 a month to watch her interact with herself: "Come in and play with me" says the site. All very enterprising of course, but why the need? Well, they let her go at Alt because the show had run its course. (The crew will miss her greatly but not unreservedly she was so comfortable with her body she made everyone else feel very uncomfortable.) So Miss Lisa had to get even more resourceful than she has been in the past. (Remember the $4000 bikini sale on TradeMe that her ex said he should get a share of as he'd paid for the "padding"?)

Did you hear about...

* At his own request, the King of Tonga is going green! He has an American friend going there this month to put the necessaries in place making him the first head of state whose official vehicle is entirely non-polluting. The famous royal London taxi cab is going to be recharged from wind generators.

* I ran into alternative long-range weather forecaster Ken Ring, author of the Predict Weather Almanac at the home of American rich-lister Wayne Barnes late last year. He's very sweet, but if you think it was extreme last year, he says things will get a whole lot worse this year. This summer may reach record heat levels in some places, with fire-risk from Northland to Canterbury. Hawke's Bay may get no proper rain until halfway through March. February may be so wet as to bring floods. After that we can look forward to a long cold winter and a great ski season, so cold that the Shotover River may freeze over.

* Shane Cortese and Nerida Jantti did the big deed yesterday on the sound stage at Avalon where they first met and then had their reception at the iconic Wellington bar Dockside. Read all about it in next week's New Idea.

* So you think you can dance? Candy Lane is holding an open audition for new recruits on January 28. Email her at clane@xtra.co.nz. (It worked for Hayley Holt!)

* Designer Doris de Pont, who closed shop last February, is still a fashion fixture. Te Papa and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne are displaying her clothes, plus she's just received a first class honours degree in museum studies from Auckland University. Bad news is that fashion PR company Process was broken into and samples from clients including Lonely Hearts, Deadly Ponies, Ruby, Madame Hawke, and Boom Skateboarding have been stolen. There's a no-questions-asked reward offered to anyone who can help get the stuff back. Call Caroline on 021 751-576, email caroline@process.net.nz or send a note to PO Box 8628, Symonds St, Auckland.

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