Niue says all would goo goo over Gaga

17:00, Apr 07 2012
Lady Gaga
MOTHER MONSTER: Lady Gaga will perform in Auckland in June.

It's Good Friday morning in Niue and two teenage girls are on their way back from church.

They are heading home to clean, before a village ceremony where everyone will gather to watch their pastor bless the newly harvested yams.

In return, the pastor will be attending a Lady Gaga show if the girls realise their dream of luring the pop star to the tiny nation.

"He has to. It's a must," says Ashleigh Pihigia, 15.

Promises are promises, and in a bold move Niue Island, with a population of about 1600, is attempting a world first – luring a pop superstar to the island with the promise that the entire nation will attend her concert.

Niue Tourism development manager Hayden Porter heard Lady Gaga was coming to New Zealand and, with the island behind him, sent a letter of invitation to her team.


"It is exciting to hear that you are heading to the Pacific on your upcoming `Born This Way Ball' tour. However, we couldn't help but notice that Niue Island is not on the schedule," the letter reads.

"Being a remote Pacific Island, it does get a bit hard for us to keep up with the latest music. However you are one artist who has certainly struck a chord in this tiny nation."

Pihigia and Bien Chapman, 15, want Lady Gaga to experience the sights and traditions of Niue, and are so proud of the island they think the pop star could write a song about it.

"We have great swimming sites and crystal clear waters, literally," said Chapman, who has even offered to be the pop star's personal tour guide.

There is a special spot she would take her first, perhaps with camera crews in tow.

"I would take her to Matapa Chasm.

"It's a really beautiful swimming area, with cliff rocks on the side with beautiful crystal clear water, it would be a good area to shoot a music video."

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