Murderer Darryn Crowley denied parole

Last updated 13:55 30/05/2012
Darryn Crowley
Darryn Crowley

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A man who knifed to death a Kapiti man in an unprovoked attack and once escaped from the country's toughest prison with killer Graeme Burton has been denied parole.

Darryn Crowley, who murdered Daniel Fleming in 1992, was previously paroled in October 2006. He was recalled to prison in 2010 to continue serving his life sentence after allegedly going to a man's house wielding a piece of concrete.

Two previous attempts by the Corrections Department to recall Crowley in 2009 failed, despite police searches of his home which found a police baton and gas mask belonging to killer Graeme Burton, a knife under his bed, as well cannabis-growing instructions and equipment.

Police also found drugs scales in the living room and a bush survival guide written by Burton.

In 1989, aged 17, Crowley was shot and his father Thomas killed when an ongoing feud between his family and their Stokes Valley neighbours turned violent.

Crowley's mother said her son never recovered from seeing his father shot dead and was having counselling when he killed Fleming - whom he did not know - in Hokio Beach, near Levin.

One of his earlier parole conditions was that he not associate with Burton after the pair escaped from Auckland Prison in 1998.

Burton murdered father-of-two Karl Kuchenbecker in Wainuiomata in 2007. He was on parole at the time after serving 14 years of a life sentence for the murder of lighting technician Paul Anderson in Wellington in 1992.

In a decision released today, New Zealand Parole Board chairman Judge David Carruthers said Crowley had spoken in a "very intelligent and articulate" way to the Board. He had completed a violence prevention programme, had good support in the community and had done a large amount of individual psychological treatment.

Last time Crowley appeared before the board, in February 2011, he had been so upset at his parole refusal he had returned to his cell and smoked cannabis.

However since then he had returned several negative drug tests, Judge Carruthers said. He had also received a "misconduct" entry into his record after being found in a possession of a cellphone in jail in December last year.

His recall to prison in 2010 was the result of "impulsive" behaviour edged with violence. "He behaved in a way which at the very least was threatening and potentially dangerous."

After his last release into the community, Crowley had been very closely monitored by police. This was due to his old connection with Burton and a belief he had been associating with former drug contacts, Judge Carruthers said.

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Crowley denied this and said police monitored him closely but found no evidence.

"Mr Crowley spoke to us very well indeed. He has a very positive and pro-social group and he has work to go to and other things to do

"However, with Mr Crowley's history with his escapes and associations, every care and caution needs to be taken before a further release"

His parole was declined and he will appear before the Board again in November.


1989 - Darryn Crowley, then 17, is shot and his father killed when a feud between his family and their neighbours in Stokes Valley spirals out of control.

1991 - Found guilty of wounding with intent and causing grievous bodily harm after a stabbing at a Stokes Valley party. He is sentenced to 18 months' supervision.

August 1992 - Sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Paraparaumu man Daniel Fleming.

February 1997 - Receives a 6-month jail term for assaulting a police officer.

August 1998 - Escapes Auckland Prison via a shower block with Graeme Burton and two other prisoners. After a large-scale police search, he is found a week later in a Coromandel holiday home.

October 2006 - Freed on parole.

2009 - Subject of two recall applications by the Corrections Department, both of which fail.

2010 - Recalled to prison.

2012- Declined parole.

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