Speeding motorcyclist loses leg in crash

17:00, May 22 2014

A speeding motorcyclist needed a leg amputated after he crashed into a car that had turned in front of him.

In the New Plymouth District Court yesterday, the car's driver Joshua Philip Andrews, 17, admitted a charge of careless driving causing injury at 11.25am on January 14.

The investigation into the crash concluded that the motorcyclist was speeding along New Plymouth's Wallath Rd within city limits when he hit the car, the summary of facts says.

Andrews told police he was turning right into Magnolia Drive, having seen the biker about 90m away. The victim had little time to react and ran into the left hand side of Andrews' car.

The biker was thrown 26m, landing in the middle of the road.

His multiple serious injuries included severe damage to his lower left leg which needed to be amputated below the knee. He also suffered fractures to his left leg, lower right arm, a broken back, and a large laceration on the back of his head. He also needed dialysis for six weeks when his kidneys failed.

The investigation estimated the biker was travelling between 69 and 82kmh in the 50kmh area.

Andrews was about 30m away from the biker when he made his turn, the investigation found. His lawyer Jo Woodcock asked for restorative justice meeting to be canvassed between her client and the biker.

The sentencing was postponed until July 10 to allow this to take place.


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