Pams in a jam over glass in jar

04:16, Jun 18 2014
pam's jam
SWEET SHOCK: This jar of raspberry jam bought by Hawera woman Petra Finer had granules of glass in it, prompting her to write a warning of her own on the label before phoning in a complaint to the company.

A Hawera mother's attempt to make school lunches ended with a crunch yesterday morning.

Mother-of-three Petra Finer had almost finished making jam sandwiches for her children when she came across a tiny fragment of glass.

"I got a bit of jam on my finger, licked it and went ‘Ow', pulled it out and it was a piece of glass," said Finer, who is a reporter for the Taranaki Star.

But there was another problem with the offending 900g jar of Pams raspberry jam - the family had already used a quarter of it before finding the glass.

Finer said there had been no signs of any ill-effects yet on the family of five since the spread had been opened.

And without causing a sticky mess, she did not know just how deep down in the jar the problem went.


The find prompted a call by Finer to Pams customer service line to lodge a complaint yesterday afternoon.

"They need to know that there's a problem," she said.

In response to Finer's complaint, a Pams spokeswoman said the jar would be picked up by courier today and taken back to its headquarters for further examination.

She said there had been no record of any other complaints made regarding the particular batch of jam, but concerns like Finer's were given top priority with an investigation likely to be completed by Thursday.

In the meantime, Finer will be sent some vouchers and a letter from the company.

And there was an added benefit for at least two of the Finer children yesterday too. Mum bought them lunch for school instead.

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