'Drunk fool' hit partner, bit his mum

A woman who punched her partner, causing him to ring his mum to come and pick him up, has been sentenced to community work.

Ariana Cooper, 27, of New Plymouth, was sentenced in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday on four charges including assault, assault with intent to injure and intent to damage, after a drinking session turned sour.

Cooper was drinking with her partner on June 7 when they got into a heated argument which resulted in her punching him in the face, the court heard.

"Clearly you drank far too much," judge Tony Couch said.

After the assault, Cooper's partner phoned his mother, who came to pick him up.

When she arrived Cooper got into an argument with her, grabbed her hand and bit it, making it bleed.

"As if that wasn't enough you then picked up a heavy weight and threw it at the mother's car, breaking the windscreen," Couch said. "When police were called and tried to arrest you, you went berserk."

Couch said Cooper resisted police by struggling and kicking.

"Police have a difficult enough time as it is without drunken fools like you making it more difficult."

He noted she had a disturbing history, including assault with a weapon and fighting.

"It's clear you've got an alcohol problem, in particular you have a propensity for violence when you're drunk."

Cooper also had a long history of police callouts to her home because she became violent.

Duty solicitor Susan Hurley said Cooper had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and was extremely disappointed and ashamed of her actions.

"She doesn't recall what happened due to the excessive amount of alcohol she consumed."

Hurley said Cooper was on a sole-parent benefit and had fulltime care of her two young children.

Couch sentenced Cooper to 140 hours' community work and supervision for nine months, and ordered her to pay reparations of $317.74.

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