Burglar lays waste to heart patient's home

A Hawera woman has had her home burgled on the same night she was taken to hospital for a suspected heart attack.

On Thursday night Marion Pike and her housemate Tracy Berg were taken to Taranaki Base Hospital by ambulance after Pike began experiencing chest pains.

Pike spent the night in hospital and Berg also stayed in New Plymouth, visiting her friend before returning home on Friday to find the home the pair shared trashed and burgled.

"They've gone through our drawers and tipped it all out, taken jewellery and meat from the freezer. It's just disgusting," Pike said from her hospital bed this weekend.

"They took Tracy's bracelet, which has the names of her children on it and my grandma's pearls and wedding band. They haven't thought about the sentimental value it has."

Pike, who was yesterday sent to Waikato Hospital for further diagnostic tests, said dealing with the stress of being burgled was an added worry while trying to recover.

She believed the burglar had watched the pair leave in the ambulance and broke in because it was clear no one was at home.

"I want other people to be aware of this type of thing if they have to go to the hospital. Tell your neighbours. Let them know you aren't there. I'd hate this to happen to anyone else. It's just gut-wrenching. It's unbelievable," she said.

Berg said Pike had lived at the address for more than five years. Berg had been there for just over three years and it was the first time the home had been burgled.

She said her biggest worry was that the burglar had stolen or desecrated the ashes of her daughter, who died in March last year.

"You hear about people taking them or throwing them all over the floor. But they were still there, so that was a relief," she said.

Taranaki Daily News