Couple shaken by armed raid attempt

A Hawera husband and wife have no plans to shut their dairy's doors after being the victims of an attempted armed robbery.

Hong and her husband Xiaogang Li, who own Subway Dairy on South Rd, were left shaken after a masked offender entered the shop just before closing at 7pm on Monday.

Despite threatening Xiaogang with a pistol and demanding cash, the man left empty-handed.

Since the robbery, customers had been into the shop to check on the couple, who are originally from China.

Detective Paul Davison, of the Hawera CIB, said the offender, who wore sunglasses, a dark beanie and dark clothing during the robbery, was described as a European or a light-skinned Maori, in his late teens to early 20s, about 183cm (6 feet) tall and with a moustache.

"This is a nasty crime and the Hawera community needs this offender to be identified and arrested as soon as possible," Davison said.

Hong said despite what had happened the couple still thought Hawera was a friendly town.

"I think this town is still safe for us," she said.

- Anyone with information about the attempted robbery can contact Hawera police on 06 2780260 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Taranaki Daily News