Intrusive music with no escape

02:38, Aug 24 2012

One of the benefits of moving from Stratford was an escape from the jangling, mindless signature tune of Home on the Range which blasts out virtually every day around the 'burbs from worn-out speakers on the local Mr Kool icecream vendor truck. Louder I suspect than any chainsaw or lawnmower . . . has it ever been decibel-tested?

I come to central New Plymouth and find we have the Carillion on Marsland Hill. This plays four times daily, and according to its website has a choice of 25 tunes, programmed through an electronic brain.

Now I'm not some kind of musical wowser; I don't mind a bit of tinkling ambience in the neighbourhood, but I'd like to hear something other than Edelweiss and Banks of Loch Lomond. Maybe that brain needs a tuneup.


New Plymouth


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