The who?

03:44, Sep 11 2012
village stand
The Village People are coming to Taranaki, but not everyone is happy.

To whomever is to blame.

The Village People at the TSB Stadium. Really?

This is what you've decided to go with?

This is the act that will propel us on to the world stage as a reputable destination to perform?

Even after being offered (and rejecting) geriatric rock acts like Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top, Don Henley, etc (respectable acts in their own right). But seriously, when was the the Village People's last hit?

My adult kids have never even heard of them and it's doubtful the Village People, with three hit songs from the disco era of the 70s, can entertain a crowd for two hours.


What does an act like this cost?

Is it taxpayer funded?

Surely they would be better suited at the YMCA.

I mean the Village People . . . really?

It makes of a mockery of Garry Sharpe-Young's vision for quality live entertainment in Taranaki.


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