Victim's father: It's Topec's fault

Three people died after falling into the sea during a Topec-run traverse of Paritutu rock.
Three people died after falling into the sea during a Topec-run traverse of Paritutu rock.

In reply to Topec Stays Committed To Young People (letters, Sept 17).

Rosey Mabin, getting three NCEA credits is no reason to put anybody's life at risk. These are high-risk activities that our children do under the control of Topec. The more risks that are identified the more controls are put in place to eliminate, isolate or minimise that risk-hazard.

If you cannot reduce the risk to a manageable level through pre- planning controls, then you find a new method of doing that activity.

Topec's instructors should all be trained in identifying hazards.

Rosey, all the things you talk about are what Topec did in the past. I am sure they were a safe organisation back then but things have gone horribly wrong. I will gladly share the information I have so you can come to your own conclusion about that day.

I personally would not send anyone there until at least the investigations were finished. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) said six months, and the police investigation will be the same. Topec's own investigation won't be finished until they have all the information from MBIE and police.

David Grigg (Topec pledges to carry on outdoor pursuits, Daily News September 14) , what would be wrong is starting Topec again knowing you have massive risk management problems, rescue plan problems and training problems. There were a lot of simple mistakes leading up to the death of three people.

The public will hear my version of what went on that tragic day, because the public needs to know how easily this was avoidable.

This is not a Cave Creek or Mangatepopo Gorge tragedy; everyone who lost their lives was returned to their families; there are still two people who have not been returned to their families for closure.

On top of that, the Kahukaka- Gedye families have been left to clean up your mess to find our son for some closure. In my opinion Topec, you are not a victim you are the creator of this tragedy.

Thank you, Topec, for destroying our lives. (Abridged.)


New Plymouth

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