Battling with hospital red tape

18:25, Sep 30 2012

Further to the letter on September 21 from Rob Burroughs.

Rob, I know how you feel, my son in his early years had ear problems.

I agree with you about our health system.

The waiting list has not been shortened by six months. I was put on the waiting list in September 2010 for knee replacement, but only after I told my former GP that I wanted a referral.

I emailed the New Plymouth MP on August 29 after reading "Shorter surgery waits praised" in the Taranaki Daily News on August 27, asking for some answers to my questions regarding that article.

His reply was that my email would be sent to the MP in my electorate and his office will contact me to discuss the matter - guess what? That was August 30 - and I still have not heard anything from anyone.


I then contacted the surgical booking office.

Yes, I am still on the waiting list. But I don't quite meet the 80 points required for surgery, I have 60 points.

I was told then that my specialist no longer worked at the hospital and I have been given a new specialist. If I had not rung I would not have known this. This is poor communication in the health system. I do not know my new specialist and have never met him.

It is now September 2012 (two years waiting), still suffering and in pain all the time.

My suggestion to Rob is go back to your GP and insist on referrals for your son and yourself and keep fighting for your rights.



Taranaki Daily News