Len Lye funding poses questions

00:29, Oct 02 2012

In a letter I received from the Minister of Arts, Christopher Finlayson, it was stated that government funding was provided for the Len Lye Centre as significant support from the community had already been secured. I queried that. Did he mean:

(1) The contributions from Todd Energy, whose office is based in Wellington; TSB Community Trust (10 members only); the Lotteries Board, also not in New Plymouth; or (2) the support of all or the majority of ratepayers and residents in North Taranaki.

The minister could not answer this question, referring me back to the New Plymouth District Council. I have already questioned Mayor Harry at one of the LTP public forums.

Judging by the many letters to the paper opposing the centre, and the cartoon in the paper on September 28, a large proportion of the community appear to be opposed.

So our mayor is obviously still not listening to those who pay his salary.

Who is he trying to fool in saying they have cleverly reduced the amount ratepayers will have to pay in management costs by combining Govett-Brewster with the Len Lye Centre? Does that mean the Govett-Brewster management have so little work now that they will have time to manage the Len Lye Centre as well?

What about the maintenance, depreciation and unforeseen costs? Why 'no admission' costs?


New Plymouth


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