Jack fights off Gumboot and Zin Zan for top dog

01:43, Jan 31 2009
Jack the Jack Russell proves it's all in a name _ he's got the most popular one for both boys and dogs this year.

Jack may be New Zealand's most popular baby name, but in New Plymouth, it's our top title for dogs.

Out of the thousands of pooches registered with New Plymouth District Council last year, more were called Jack than any other name. Give or take a few Jackos, Jackies and Jackys, there were about 120 Jacks out of the 9000 dogs registered.

The name Jake came a close second.

Michael Grey, proud owner of five-year-old Jack the Jack Russell, said he had no idea the name was so popular.

"I'm a Stargate fan, so he's named after Jack O'Neil."

Missy, Jess, Jessie, Zoe and Tess topped the she-dog list, and newcomer Basil (or the ghetto version, Bazil) also proved popular.


Some of the more unusual names were Gumboot, Gypsy Rover, Indara Alissa, Phife Dawg and Wyrdrax Stobie.

The 1996 All Blacks made a comeback, including a black poodle called Jeff Wilson, a Staffordshire terrier called Iceman and number of doggy Zin Zans or Zinnys.

The neighbourhood struggle for respect could be more challenging for the Chihuahua dubbed MacMuffin.

Bear and Badger may suffer an identity crisis at some point, while Chillie, Honey and Parsley should watch their backs lest they are mistaken for seasonings. Sir Dog, Puppy and Dog will not have a similar problem.

Despite those named after celebrities and even cars (such as Chevy and Saab), council animal control team leader Jim Aitken said people didn't name their dogs with any real purpose, and choices were usually more of a whim.

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