18:44, Nov 03 2012
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Screech and Chong

Everyone knows New Plymouth council wannabe Murray Chong sees red when it comes to council matters but it turns out Muzzer isn't so good at seeing green. The mortgage broker was recently caught idling at a green traffic light in Fitzroy and a series of horn-blasts was required to get him moving again. Then when he did get going, and probably to prove he's New Plymouth born and bred, he turned straight into a carpark without indicating, nearly causing the following driver to end up in his rear-end. Crikey. No prizes for guessing what colour the person behind Chongy saw.

'Other-worldly' delight

It was a colour of another kind that a reporter at this paper was witness to while fossicking around Pukekura Park for his long lost chicken Blacky on Tuesday night. Even with a full moon the search was fruitless but he did stumble across the other-worldly Peranakan Lights on the Brooklands Lawn. ''It was other-worldly'' he said quite unoriginally. But after checking it out for themselves Unreported can only but agree. If you haven't gone, go now and be delighted. 

Goosing around

Sticking with New Plymouth's Pukekura Park we turn to the small red bridge on the main lake and its new minders. For the last four mornings the picturesque bridge has been manned by two of the park's three resident Canada geese. These handsome looking birds sometimes appear to believe those that cross might be hiding bugs and worms in their pockets, which is a  little bit unnerving but Unreported likes them all the same. Because of that, and before anyone else can, we are naming them Cecil and Maureen. No argument.


Sands are the answer

Turning to other things that people might disagree with, we move on to ironsand mining off the Taranaki coast. It's been on again, off again for years but may one day actually happen so if it does we may as well make the most of it. Surely at least two or three boatloads of the tailings can be shipped to Opunake and secretly dumped on the artificial surf reef. Either it will hide the $1m embarrassment or it will finally get it working. Everybody wins! 

Tweet of the Week

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