Tarata king Bryan Hocken
Tarata king Bryan Hocken

A public figure

Your average Tarata sheep and beef farmer is a rare beast and their visits to New Plymouth even rarer. Which may explain why Tarata king Bryan Hocken jazzed up his recent visit with a trip to McDonald's and one of their new lamb burgers. As is his habit he soon started talking to the man sitting next to him who himself had a great mate in Tarata. "He's Bryan Hocken," the man said. "I don't think so," said Mr Hocken. "I'm Bryan and I've never met you in my life." Which was true, but as Bryan has appeared in these pages more times than the letter E the Taranaki Daily News reader felt like he knew him.

The harsh reality

But does anybody ever know anyone? Unreported doesn't like getting deep and meaningful but a recent experience by a young South Taranaki reporter for this publication has moved us to it. On Monday, while covering a district council meeting there, the talk turned to their current TSB Hub catering shemozzle. Or didn't quite turn to it with Councillor Peter Johnson pointing out such a conversation with media present would require them to knock the reporter "on the head with a baton". Until that point the reporter thought they'd all quite liked him. Tough break kid.


Talking of kids and councillors, we turn to former Inglewood High School principal and current New Plymouth District councillor Lynn Bublitz. The always dapper and some time scarf wearer turned up at a recent meeting resplendent in a black shirt and black suit ensemble topped off with a blindingly white tie. When combined with his stately white hair and genial moustache it led one council watcher to wonder if Mr Bublitz was not in fact the opposite twin brother to Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. Bok, bok.

Just take a chance

And while we are on council matters we may as well turn to building consents and a recent complaint about councils passing on your details to product- peddling companies. They have to do it so there's no point getting your knickers in a twist, you may as well make the most of it. As well as filling out the building details add in your favourite foods, hobbies, books, movies, perhaps your marital status, whether you like long walks on the beach and just where you want to be in five years. Hey, you never know and you only get one chance at life.

@lmfbs: I'm on the same pee schedule as another lady from work and I think she thinks I'm stalking her in the toilet.

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