Key's gay remark not offensive

I see John Key has been busted by Green MP Kevin Hague for alluding to a ''gay red top'' worn by someone interviewing him on radio.

Have we become so PC in New Zealand that we can't make an off- the-cuff remark, even as prime minister?

Mr Key, can I make a suggestion: Should you win the next election, give the Greens something worthwhile to do.

They have no power, no mandate and all they do is hug trees, knit yoghurt and make prissy statements about nothing.

Most of their policies tend to be so far off base that they actually have some credibility, until you actually try to put them in place.

They know that they will never have that power, so they can be as ideologically impractical as they wish.

Soundbite politics. Is it any wonder that most of us find politicians of all parties to be hypocrites and chancers, looking for the next supposed gaffe by a member of another party, with great pay for doing nothing real or beneficial.

I suggest that those who take offence at this are the ones with the problem, not Key.

A former senior UK politician, describing a member of the opposition, said ''being attacked by him was like being savaged by a dead sheep''. Baaaaaa, Kevin Hague, humbug.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News