Georgie's mate is horribly misguided
Georgie's mate is horribly misguided

Ladies who loo-stop

There's only one thing Unreported dislikes more than misguided bean counters and that's sexism. Which is why we take exception to the proposed leasing of Inglewood Centennial Memorial Building to Plunket and Red Cross and the closing of the public toilet it currently operates. Not because it's a bad idea, it's great. But because a key concern in the proposal is the inconvenience it would cause three elderly country ladies known to use the toilet both as a comfort stop and meeting place on trips to town. Unreported rhetorically wonders if the same concerns would have arisen had three elderly men been using the facilities.

Bad romance

Which leads quite naturally to this paper being accused of using their Facebook page for nothing more than prowling. Say what? The accusation came from Reuben Doyle - the young New Plymouth District councillor wannabe and Murray Chong agitator. Unreported knows the staff at Taranaki Daily News don't take such tawdry accusations to heart, though we do wonder why a man who will no doubt be courting this paper come next year's election would choose to start the relationship off in such a manner.

Free park pincher

Now for something completely unrelated to political naivete - parking. Some weeks ago a collision involving a truck and a parking meter rendered a space outside the Daily News meter-less, effectively creating a "free" park much coveted by newspaper staff. Until, that is, a mystery car began nabbing the spot before anyone could get to it. After days of fruitless and frustrating investigation the parker was finally spotted on Wednesday evening and it didn't go down well at all. It seems the parking hog was none other than a well known New Plymouth District Council parking warden. Way to ruin the fun, bro.

Good riddance

Unreported would like to use this last entry as an opportunity to unveil a new segment we may never repeat again - Bubble Burster. You might not like to hear it Grant Duffield of Whakatane, but your placard- waving campaign to bring back Georgie Pie is horribly misguided. The fast food chain closed for a reason and that reason was its pies were on the bad side of average and even that's being a bit nice. Face facts buddy. Your nostalgia is leading you astray.

Tweet of the week

@OHnewsroom: "The newspaper business started going to hell when reporters & editors stopped going to bars after work and started going to the gym."


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