Region has talent to run museum

19:23, Nov 27 2012

I couldn't agree more with comments from Nigel Ogle (''We've got the talent,'' TDN, Nov 23) about the appointment of the manager to our Puke Ariki.

Mr Ogle is correct when he describes the appointment of overseas people as nonsense when we have people who have worked for the museum for many years and are very well informed, like Kelvin Day and Ron Lambert.

Both these people have first- hand knowledge of what is happening in our museum and know our local history much better than overseas appointments, who seem to move frequently around different areas both within New Zealand and overseas. Besides, the last two appointments have not even been a little bit interested in some other museums around Taranaki, where both Mr Day and Mr Lambert have always kept in touch.

So I hope they tread cautiously when they appoint the next, manager, and think deeply about our local talent that is available right here in Taranaki, as Mr Ogle so rightly points out.


Private museum owner, Waitara


Taranaki Daily News