Lye costs likely to sprial

18:48, Nov 29 2012

I have been following with interest the responses by the public around the proposed, and now definite, Len Lye Centre (LLC). I note that the outcry seems to have died down considerably, probably because the majority of the public have realised that there is no way back once the old-boy network and NPDC determine what they want will happen.

Then I read with interest the information that Len Houwers proposed and the survey that the public could do through the website ''Survey Monkey/Len Lye''.

In support of his very thorough survey, I did a little research around the costs associated with Puke Ariki from the proposed development and the cost to the community of supporting this development.

It appears that in 2000-01 the cost to the community for the museum and library (which was funded collectively even then) was $3.82 million. At that time it had been rebranded as Puke Ariki, and the forecast around the budgets was around $5.8 m by 04-05.

But by 2004 the budget for Puke Ariki had actually risen to $6.9 m and we are now currently paying $11.9m from rates for this operation. So putting this into the context of the cost of running the Len Lye Centre, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that the proposed $389,000 extra on the Govett- Brewster budget to fund the LLC could, in a very short time, double, triple or probably quadruple in cost to the ratepayer, with no return by the users of the centre.

Your readers do have the opportunity to put their views to NPDC in a very constructive way by doing the survey, and making suggestions that are fair and represent their views, from whichever perspective.


Councillor, NPDC


Taranaki Daily News