Enjoy the screaming?

Young ducklings
Young ducklings

This a letter to the guy who chased and caught week-old ducklings at East End reserve on Sunday evening.

You were good, I'll give you that.

You waited until almost everyone was gone and then carefully checked out where the mother duck and her three ducklings were located. You crossed the bridge to get close to them. Then you scattered bread you had brought with you and waited until they came close before you made your move. You missed the first time, but you were patient, and the second time you managed to separate a screaming duckling from its mother by stomping at her and then you carried it away.

Then you sat on the steps and examined it and squeezed it so it screamed even louder. Wow, brave guy; it was only a week old and stood no chance against you.

What was it about? Was it the thrill of the chase, the pain you inflicted on a tiny helpless creature? Perhaps it was the screams you enjoyed.

Then when we called out to you from across the river you hurled obscenities at us and finally let the tiny thing go, but you certainly weren't happy about it.

This morning (Monday) there was only one of the three ducklings left. Did you come back and kill the others, or did they just die from the stress of stomping and chasing? One week of life was all they had.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News