Walkway great asset, but ...

20:05, Dec 18 2012

The walkway has become one of New Plymouth's great attractions. Whether one runs, walks, bikes, roller skates, or takes small children in strollers, it's a great place to go any time of the day.

Whether it's full tide, low tide or a stormy winter day, the sea with its myriad of colours draws us to look at it yet again. Every visit to the walkway provides a different view of the sea.

To move from a peppercorn rent to charging a percentage of the Big Waves' turnover may be beneficial to the New Plymouth District Council but is not for the vendor. Is this revenue- gathering method used elsewhere by the council?

The Big Wave is a welcome stop for people on the walkway.

The quirkiness of the surfboard tables is amusing and reminds us of the popularity of surfing further along the beach.

Buying a coffee from the Big Wave, sitting down to look out to the sea and the Sugar Loaf islands beyond is a nice way to take time out in New Plymouth.


The vendors are actually enhancing the walkway, making it pleasurable for everyone, including tourists.

Money spent by visitors to New Plymouth benefits everyone.

The council needs to balance the number of vendors to preserve the unique ambience of the walkway. Perhaps the rent/fee charged should be the same for every vendor.

In striking a charge, it should be factored in that there is a downtime for vendors during the winter months.


New Plymouth

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