Len Lye Centre

The headline, 'Don't cares' top vote in Lye survey (Daily News, Dec 19), was misleading.

The ''don't cares'' represent those who have no strong opinion on Len Lye the artist, but cared a lot about the NPDC funding model (free entry, large ratepayer subsidy of running costs).

More than two-thirds of the ''don't cares'' thought that the Len Lye Centre should receive no ratepayer subsidy.

Most survey respondents supported an entry fee of at least $5 for locals, with perhaps $10 for visitors.

Most were also scathing about the way the NPDC and councillors have gone about making the centre a ratepayer responsibility.

The suggestion put to the NPDC on Tuesday, December 18, was that they revise the funding model to put no more than a 5 per cent subsidy on the centre and that funding shortfall be met with entry fees, fundraising, and volunteers to run the centre instead of council employees.

In addition, to provide wider public access to those who don't want to or can't afford to pay, the centre could have a policy of free entry to school groups, and perhaps 20 free entry days per year (once a month, plus certain public holidays).

Don't hold your breath, though, that this will be adopted any time soon. As Cr Girling-Butcher alluded in his response to the deputation, that is for new councillors to decide. So vote carefully at the next election.

Those interested in the full survey results, excluding names of participants, should email me at len.houwers@aretelimited.com.


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