City needs to deal with violence

18:51, Dec 27 2012

I am a young professional who spent her whole childhood growing up in New Plymouth.

At 18 years of age, I left to continue my studies in one of our larger New Zealand cities and now, after four years of study, reside in Auckland.

Upon returning to New Plymouth recently with my boyfriend, who has only recently moved to New Zealand, to celebrate a major milestone with friends and family, we found ourselves in a situation I would have more expected in my current place of residence, not my home town.

We were attacked, viciously and unprovoked, by 10 people, outside a popular restaurant.

While my boyfriend lay on the ground, being kicked in the head and torso, several small groups of people gathered to watch.

I am shocked, disgusted and sickened by this behaviour and am becoming increasingly ashamed to say this happened in the amazing town I grew up in, and am reluctant to return.

I have since become aware this is a common occurrence. This is disgusting and I feel something needs to be done. Is it going to take a young life to be taken too soon for someone to act on this? Act now before it's too late.




Taranaki Daily News