Ginny Death and Rhys Wineera have had their 15 minutes of fame.
Ginny Death and Rhys Wineera have had their 15 minutes of fame.

Time in the sun over

Unreported starts the new year with a small tale from last year. In the best tradition of our binge- drinking culture, a prominent young man was recently seen smuggling "dozens" of beer into the Twenty20 cricket match at Pukekura Park. Now we're not saying who it was, but in a totally unrelated matter, Ginny Death and Rhys Wineera of last year's building advertorial The Block recently paid a reporter $90 to give them a late-night ride from Oakura to Westown. "I suppose this will be in the Daily News tomorrow," they said, to which the reporter was too embarrassed to reply. Ginny and Rhys: Unreported doesn't like being the bearer of bad news, but your 15 minutes are up. Move on.

Lucky parking space

Which is the exact opposite of what a New Plymouth man wanted to do when paying for his parking in the city recently. Putting 20 cents into one of the newfangled parking machines on Elliot St, the man was told he had reached his limit. Thinking it odd, he printed off the receipt to find he had been given 16 days' worth of parking for his 20 cents. The man could hardly believe it when he realised he had just scored a spot - usually costing $2 an hour - for little over 1 cent a day. "I nearly cried when I had to leave the spot to come home," he is believed to have said.

Tramp caught in weather

Talking of wet things, we move to Thursday morning's heavy rain and high winds. An early caller to this paper caused minor alarm yesterday when they claimed the wind had tossed a "130kg tramp" on to their deck. "Well, is he still alive?" asked one of the startled reporters. "Call an ambulance!" Okay, we admit, we weren't that startled but we pretended to be. From all accounts the trampoline is sore but otherwise fine.

Casks fine for races

In other things that are fine we finish with Monday's Stratford races. Everyone knows race days are the best time to get dressed up, have a punt and drink a quiet beer or two on the picnic rug. Trouble is, many Kiwis can't stop at one or two and some end the day in a state their parents would be ashamed of. Because of this, most racing clubs have banned punters from bringing in their own alcohol - but apparently this is not the case in Stratford. In response to a call for details on the club's booze policy earlier this week, the club responded they could bring whatever they wanted. "Just don't bring a keg," they said.

@monique_nz: We won the toss. Let's not forget that, especially all you doubters. WE WON THE TOSS. #blackcaps

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