Some things are sacred

In this day and age of fun, freedom and devil-may-care we can sometimes forget there are things out there people hold dear and it is helpful to respect that. Unreported isn't going to get into respect specifics but is openly wondering if a well known group of young New Plymouth Christians would like it if someone snuck a barbecue, couch and trampoline into their sacred place. Hmm. In other news, arrogance is found to be in the top five of ugly personality traits, even if done politely.

All fizz and no bang

From mountains we turn to the seas and to an unnamed yachting instructor and a lesson given at Port Taranaki recently. Unreported isn't sure how but the instructor fell out of the boat and required rescuing. No problem. A power boat was dispatched within seconds. Unfortunately it only made things worse. After first running the instructor over, the fizz boat then performed a number of high-speed "donuts" before giving up all pretence of rescue and beaching itself with a thud on the shore. It wasn't funny at the time and actually, we're not sure if it is now.

Shaky assurance

Talking of things that don't make us laugh, we move on to earthquakes. Taranaki has been hit with a string of them this year starting quite punctually about 3am of New Year's day. Apparently there is probably nothing to worry about and GNS scientists say the rumbling "will slowly ease away". We say well done boys. Such reassurance is a bold thing these days especially when some of their Italian colleagues were recently jailed for similar reassurances preceding a catastrophic earthquake there. But then again our scientists probably took heart in the fact that happened in Italy, aka Crazy Gesturing and Extreme Emotional Outburst Land.

@fastercamels: There should be a word for the "but I feel bad for the animals" mini-chat everyone has before they decide that yes they will go to the zoo.

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