Axing Teletext blow to elderly, deaf

Did you know TVNZ is taking Teletext off the TV in April?

I read the Teletext a lot. More when our son is in Thailand, as he is at the moment, and when our daughter is overseas too.

Before Christmas on the Teletext they stated 1.5 million people read the Teletext daily. But they still want to take it away.

There are 500,000 people in New Zealand who are deaf and have hearing problems and this will disadvantage them even more so. I rang the Health and Disabilities Commission and they were no help at all. What disability do you have to have before they will help you?

I have had hearing aids for 22 years; my husband has a veterans card and wears a hearing aid too.

I mentioned this to our lawyer while there earlier this month and she was shocked to hear this too.



Taranaki Daily News