Council resignations concern

19:35, Jan 21 2013
emberton stand
Councillor Sherril George believes the resignation of senior manager Fiona Emberton and at least two others indicates something is very wrong at the New Plymouth District Council.

Regarding Three Top Bosses Going Not ''Untoward'' (TDN, Jan 19).

I have decided that diplomacy is definitely not my strong point and so I will put this as I see it.

In my opinion, Harry is living in la-la land if he thinks there is nothing untoward about the resignations of three senior council managers.

My brief research around this clearly shows that there is a small person with a big ego that is leading the charge.

My brief research also shows that this is not an uncommon trait with this particular senior officer. Given the parochial nature of New Plymouth District Council and the lack of acceptance and transparency around ''imported'' staff, my research also shows that unless you play the game according to the rules set by the long-time staff within, don't expect your golden handshake to be for long service; it will be at the ratepayers' expense.

As John McLeod stated in your article, severance pay (and in most cases this can amount to anything over 75 per cent of a yearly salary), legal expenses and then recruitment costs (also in the range of a percentage of a salary) amount to a draw on the budget for the governance body that may not be that transparent in the budgetary accounts. Mind you, we are having a review and staffing is one of the areas of concern.


There are, in my opinion, better and more humane ways of reducing staff levels.

My brief research also contained the words ''transparency and accountability'' from the information I was given. It's rather ironic, as those are the two words that we hear from our ratepayers through your medium, through public submissions and foremost in my quest for information from council officers.


Councillor, NPDC

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