Drivel, departures, shambles

19:26, Jan 22 2013

Now I might be as thick as a whale omelette and left school just before my 15th birthday, but ''If you find the good oil, let us know''? This series of letters (even one from the States) has got me stuffed.

I have tried reading them but they are to me just unadulterated nonsense and a waste of space. The latest one by Mercedes Vincente (is that her real name?) takes up a quarter of a page and is a masterpiece of gobble-de-gook.

If my application for head honcho at Puke Ariki falls through I want to be Curator of Contemporary Art at Govett Brewster; must be a quiet number if you have time to write this sort of drivel. I would even settle for strategy and policy manager taking Maureen Crombie's place (another resignation).

''The council's strategy and policy is to maintain essential services and reduce the rates.'' Forget Len Lye, he is none of your business. On the subject of jobs, Brent Thawley's reason for leaving is subject to the Privacy Act, so we have to guess. Mr Thawley was ''embroiled in the Festival of Lights controversy'' (TDN, Jan 18).

Facts: He was from Wellington. A Wellington company got the lighting contract. He has gone back to Wellington. Does that then mean the lighting contract will be going back where it belongs with Mr Wells and the council officers and the mayor will be going to a fancy restaurant for an expensive feed of humble pie? The mayor says, ''Three top bosses going is not untoward'', so why all the secrecy surrounding their departures?

As Double Dipton would say, ''It is not a good look''. I would say it looks like a leaderless shambles with the tail wagging the dog and it is probably costing the ratepayers a fortune, but we will never know.


New Plymouth


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