New WOF not mechanically sound

18:43, Jan 29 2013

I disagree with Mark Stockdale's comment that mechanical defects were involved in 2.5 per cent of all accidents and such defects were the sole cause of less than 1 per cent of all accidents.

I am sorry but which planet is he on?

What he said may be technically correct, but the only reason there have not been more accidents involving mechanical defects is that we have such a strong regime in the current WOFs.

It will be human nature and currently is that if the warrant is due, then you will try to make it extend a bit further by not re- warranting for as long as one possibly can.

With the new inspection requirements, there will be those who will let their WOF lapse a lot longer.

Those defects that would have been picked up within the six months may well exacerbate and be the cause of some horrific accidents because they were not picked up sooner.


Does the AA really think that the police will pick up all the overdue WOFs? Where are all these police going to come from?

Also, once the police start picking up on the huge numbers that there could be, will the AA then start moaning that the police are picking on the motorist and that the new regime is not working?

You can't have it both ways.

The fact that it is going to save the motorist huge bucks is immaterial as, to me, safety is paramount. The AA have failed sadly with their support on this one.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News