02:29, Feb 01 2013

Big boy midnight snack

It is a well-known fact the small team at Unreported doesn't like to speculate because speculation leads to rumour and rumour leads to unseemly gossip. We get a shiver just thinking about it. But to every rule there is an exception and that came on Tuesday when we witnessed two policemen beginning their late-night shift by buying two dozen eggs and at least two loaves of bread at a supermarket. What they were doing with the eggs, Unreported cannot say. But we would like to speculate the burly fellas were preparing for a night catching hardened crims with an adult- sized eggs-and-soldiers dinner, just like mummy used to make.

Instagram slip

Speaking of eggs, a certain Daily News photographer was left with egg on his face after a slip of the thumbs on social media last weekend. With the Taranaki Daily News now embracing the world of photo-sharing website Instagram, you the reader can get a glimpse of life as roaming journalist. But with any social media comes risk. On this particular Saturday night, said photographer accidentally posted to the Taranaki Daily News Instagram profile a photo of his dolled-up wife in town with her two friends. We know she's a good-looking lady, but we also know three drunk girls in town isn't exactly newsworthy. Sorry.

Generous beer donator

We all know accidents are common, however, the consistently woeful betting tactics of a former reporter from this newspaper are certainly no accident. The small team at Unreported ceases to understand why this reporter, now based in Wellington, continues to pursue an infatuation with Scottish tennis player Andy Murray. In the past, her loyalty has seen her donate two dozen beers to the Daily News sports department, while we recently got wind of a similar debt she now holds with a Dominion Post police reporter. While we're all entitled to make our own decisions, don't you think it's about time you made the right one?


Ever-helpful staff

In saying that, we do understand getting things right is often easier said than done. Which is why we've decided to forgive a particular district councillor for his inability to keep an accurate diary. It may have been a case of over-excitement, or simply a communication breakdown, but it was only a stroke of luck that kept said councillor from attending a fellow councillor's code of conduct hearing a day before its official scheduling. Fortunately, a certain media organisation was able to set him straight after monitoring the Facebook comments he posted before walking out the front door. "Well, thanks to Ed Daily I wont be turning up to council a day early," he replied. No worries.

Sam Morgan @samfromwgtn

"Have been out hunting kittens all morning. Dad owes me $30."

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