Back to jail for threat to blow woman's head off

A 38-year-old man who threatened to blow a woman's head off because he was upset by a photo on Facebook has been jailed for nine months.

For Massey William Whakamoe it will be his 17th stint in prison for what the judge said in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday followed a shocking history of violence and failure to change his ways.

With his pedigree, Whakamoe's threat must have terrified his victim, Judge Allan Roberts said.

"I suspect you are a bully."

Whakamoe admitted breaching a protection order on September 12, refusing to give police blood on January 14 and failing to answer district court bail.

His lawyer, Heather Froude, said her client acknowledged a history of similar offending and accepted he made threats. But he said he no longer had any gang involvement.

In sentencing Whakamoe to jail, the judge said he remained a very real risk. He was also disqualified from driving for 12 months and if he was able to get his licence back after what was an indefinite disqualification it would have a three-year zero alcohol endorsement, the judge said.

Taranaki Daily News