Mayor behaving badly

Regarding your article by Matt Rilkoff around the mayor wanting to punish rogue councillors (Taranaki Daily News, Feb 15).

Since working with a renowned writer and promoter of stopping workplace bullying, Andrea Needham, it is very common to see the ''bully'' point the finger at another person in order to promote himself or herself as being above reproach. So it was very interesting to see the mayor go into that mode in your article. Over the past three years I have had to sit and watch the mayor behave in a manner which is so totally against our ''code of conduct" on many occasions (the same code he has also signed up to).

 He does not like to have any opinion contrary to his spoken at council meetings, especially comments made by Councillor John McLeod. During a debate he often tries to stop him from having his democratic right to speak by screaming at him to ''sit down and shut up''.

 Of course, our code of conduct clearly states that we must treat each other with respect at all times. And those who have allowed this to happen are just as guilty by supporting this behaviour. I apologise, John,  for allowing this to happen, as I have sat and done the exact same thing.

 Incidents can be viewed on NPDC's website of televised council meetings.

But the irony of all of this is that it appears that as a councillor I have no way of pursuing this, so again the double standard arises. I guess I could also mention this to the mayor, again, but am not prepared for the heated and disrespectful answer I would get.

Councillor, NPDC