Sewer springs a leak near Oakura

23:11, Nov 30 2013
sewage leak stand
City Care workers deal with sewage leak near Koru Road

City Care workers found themselves with the whiffy job of investigating a big sewage leak in the New Plymouth to Oakura sewer yesterday afternoon.

Wastewater pouring out of an air valve box at the end of Koru Rd just outside Oakura flowed along the roadside drainage ditch and pooled in a residential driveway.

A gasket had blown on one of the two sewers.

The pump station had been switched over to use the other pipe until the gasket was replaced.

The sewer was now working normally and crews were on site cleaning up the spill.

Oakura was connected to the New Plymouth sewerage system in 2010 at a cost of $24 million.


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