What improvement?

A recent preview of TV programmes by Gordon Brown assured us that the format of Seven Sharp would be greatly enhanced with the addition of the ''intelligence'' of Mike Hosking's input.

Having watched a recent episode which featured a woman who had given birth to quads when she was actually expecting triplets created various comments from the presenters but then Hosking, with his usual smirk, announces she ''should have kept her legs together''. What an insult to not only this woman but all women in general.

After her initial shock Toni Street practically collapsed with laughter; funny, I think not; pathetic, yes. A previous episode of this so-called ''current affairs'' programme showed Hosking presumably rubbing his thigh with wife Kate Hawkesby imploring him to ''whatever it is you are doing, stop it right now.'' More delighted smirks from Hosking as he faces the camera.

Apparently he has also requested someone on an episode to ''show some balls'', although I didn't personally see that particular one.

So if this is the best Seven Sharp has to offer, the sooner it is axed the better, and from choice I sure will not be watching it again.


New Plymouth

Taranaki Daily News