Mega plan to catch ad revenue

Not content with taking on Hollywood and the United States Government over allegations of copyright piracy, internet millionaire Kim Dotcom is now targeting the advertising profits of web giant Google. In the lead-up to the launch party for Dotcom's new cloud-based file storage site at his $30 million dollar mansion north of Auckland, Dotcom said his next venture aimed at taking 10 per cent of Google's advertising revenue. Google raked in advertising revenue of US$36.5 billion (NZ$43.6b) in the 2011 financial year.

Dotcom's plan involves the launch of the MegaBox music sharing service in a few months which will be accessible for free by users who also download the MegaKey application.

Once installed on a user's computer MegaKey will allow Mega to serve its own advertising onto the web pages of third party websites, effectively redirecting the revenue from players such as Google into Mega's pockets.

Dotcom said MegaKey would target large publishers including Google and Yahoo. "Right now Google is linking to all this content and even though Google is a great company and I love them and their attitude, Google is the largest index of pirated content in the world and they don't pay any licence holder," he said.

"So if my software can force companies like Google to pay their little share to content creators, it wouldn't really hurt them." Fairfax NZ

Taranaki Daily News