Ranking boosted by technology

18:30, Jan 22 2013

New Zealand's "exceptionally strong" performance in technology is set to propel it up the globalisation rankings, a new report from Ernst & Young says.

The international accountancy firm has published its 2012 globalisation survey, measuring the world's 60 largest economies according to their openness to trade, capital flows, exchange of technology and ideas, labour movements, and cultural integration.

New Zealand is ranked 21st, ahead of Australia at 24th and the United States at 25th. Hong Kong is ranked first, and Britain comes in at No 10. The lowest ranked country is Iran.

New Zealand's position remains the same as the previous year despite achieving a slightly higher score this time around.

But New Zealand was already outperforming in the technology category, with its broadband penetration key to an improved ranking in the index, the report said.

"We expect New Zealand to climb up into 12th position by 2016, helped by an exceptionally strong performance in technology, where it will top the ranking on broadband penetration."

The percentage of the population with access to broadband had improved from 25.7 per cent to 30 per cent, it said.

New Zealand Ernst & Young technology specialist Paul Mahan said he agreed with the report's findings "to a point". Although the Government was pushing the rollout of broadband in New Zealand, links out of the country had not progressed, he said. Fairfax NZ


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