Lighting way for sports clubs

18:38, Feb 17 2013
lightbulbs stand
Liteclub rep Sam MacLean, left, and New Plymouth Roller Sports Club president Dave Carrington are on to a bright idea about how to save money.

Sports clubs are reducing power bills so more money can go towards sport development with the help of a Government initiative.

Over the past week Taranaki sports clubs have been fitted out with free energy-efficient light bulbs, water taps and insulation.

Liteclub representative Sam Maclean said 11 Taranaki clubs had taken up the offer.

The uptake was so good they would look to return in May when  they hoped to fit out a further 12 clubs.

''We've applied for additional funding to come back to Taranaki'' Maclean said.

''The team at Sport Taranaki put in some great work and got a lot of the clubs excited about our free service.''


Last week the Taranaki Daily News visited the New Plymouth Roller Sports Club as it was  undergoing the eco-treatment.

New Plymouth Roller Sports Club president Dave Carrington said the club's annual power consumption was about $6000.

''If we can save 10 per cent it's a significant amount of money in a year,'' Carrington said.
''Over 10 years it adds up.''

 Liteclub also assesses the club's eco-friendliness and produces an environmental impact report which sets out a range of recommendations to save energy.

Maclean said each club had about 30 to 35 eco-light bulbs installed.
''If they were to do it at their own expense it would cost $200.''

But the real savings were seen in the power bills, he said.

Since the initiative started last year 207 New Zealand sports clubs had been fitted out, equalling about 5000 new light bulbs installed.

Collectively that would see an energy saving of about $980,000 over about five years, he said.

Liteclub is funded by the Ministry for the Environment, ASB Community Trust and The Lion Foundation.

Philips Lighting provides the light bulbs. Recycling bins are also installed at the clubs.