Bar tapas into Montrose market

01:29, Feb 18 2013
tdn-tapas stand
Business partners Ajinkya Jagdale and Mark Louis have set up a tapas bar in the former Montrose Bar.

A tapas bar brimming with craft beer opened in New Plymouth last week.

Business partners Mark Louis and Ajinkya Jagdale have set up a tapas bar called The Hour Glass in the old Montrose building in  Liardet St.

The Hour Glass featured a  tapas food menu which would evolve over time,  Jagdale said.

It also had a craft beer list featuring 27 brews.  Beers by New Plymouth breweries Liberty Brewing and Mike's Organic Brewery feature prominently.

Louis, who co-owns Club 55 and Our Place, said he was looking forward to capturing an older, more sophisticated market.

Jagdale, who moved to New Plymouth from Mumbai about 10 years ago to study at the Pacific International Hotel Management School, had worked for Louis for a number of years.


The two had now gone into partnership together trading under the company name Mumbai Trading Company.

''I know the service side but the business side is new,'' Jagdale said.
''It's interesting learning off Mark.''

Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) member Warwick Foy, who had visited the Hour Glass since it opened on Thursday, said  it was pleasing to see a New Plymouth bar offering not just interesting New Zealand craft beers but also a range from overseas.

''It's such a growing scene in the country that it had to happen sooner or later.''

Louis and Jagdale purchased the Montrose building late last year and didn't have to make many changes to its structure.

''The bones of this place are awesome and the changes we did are subtle,'' Louis said.

As for the name The Hour Glass, Louis just came up with it one day, Jagdale said.

''It just sounded nice,'' he said.

Louis said the idea behind the tapas was so people could sit down with a drink and enjoy light snacks which were ''not going to break the bank''.

All the food was prepared in the kitchen on site.