Employees say job security does not exist

More than two-thirds of New Zealand workers say job security no longer exists, a workforce indicator shows.

The workmonitor survey from global recruiter Randstad tracks employee confidence and expectations for the coming six months.

More than 13,000 employees were surveyed online globally for the study, with about 400 New Zealanders participating. They were asked whether they were actively looking for a new job; whether they had trust in finding a comparable or different one within six months; and whether they feared losing their present position.

New Zealand employees were less confident of finding a new job in the quarter ending June than in the previous survey and more likely to stay in their present role in the next six months.

The workmonitor mobility index, which tracks changes in the "mobility state of mind" of the labour force, dropped eight points to 100. That is its lowest level in New Zealand since 2011, Randstad said.

When calculating the mobility index, the base is always set at 100. New Zealand's result is lower than Australia's, which registered 111 - an increase of nine points. The diminishing sense of job security was felt most among young workers, but conversely they were more confident about finding work elsewhere than older workers.

Overall Kiwis' trust in finding a comparable job, or a different job, within the next six months dropped nine points.

Randstad New Zealand director Paul Robinson said yesterday people were sitting tight in their present roles and working harder than ever to prove their worth, causing less mobility in the market.

The outlook in the last quarter of 2012 had been "overwhelmingly positive", with almost two-thirds of New Zealanders surveyed confident they could find comparable employment, which was significantly different from the findings for this quarter, Robinson said. Fairfax NZ

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