Booming sweet spot in Fitzroy

00:24, Dec 09 2013
tdn sweet stand
Heidi Griffin owns New Plymouth's newest sweet shop, Sweet Life in Fitzroy.

A new Fitzroy store is leaving shoppers with a sweet taste in their mouths.

Sweet Life sweet shop, which opened on Devon Street East at the end of November, is chocca with customers and all things sweet.

"I had a queue out the door one day after school. It was manic. I've had to get my son to come in after school and help with the rush," said owner Heidi Griffin, who employs three part-time staff. She said she already had a long list of special requests from customers and one company had ordered 20 chocolate Christmas trees.

From boiled sweets to chocolate nativity scenes and gobstoppers the size of cricket balls, this is a one stop shop for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Customers can even get their gluten free, vegetarian or sugar- free sugar-fix and many of the lollies are naturally coloured and flavoured.

Mrs Griffin designed the bright, striped interior, and painted its red and white tables, which she bought from the Hospice Shop.


Staff wear matching spots and stripes, giving the store a Willy Wonka-esque feel.

Mrs Griffin has filled the shop with glass jars and pic'n'mix containers full of brightly-coloured treats from all over the world, including England and The Netherlands.

There were special edition One Direction love hearts and Irn Bru lollipops for the Scots.

Mrs Griffin even had yellow and black lemon and cola flavoured boiled sweets that said 'Naki Rocks' on them specially made for Taranaki lovers.

Many of the lollies were new to her customers, said Mrs Griffin, so she lets people try them for free before buying.

"People get quite nostalgic about some of the sweets," said the Fitzroy local who was originally from Hampshire in the UK.

"Everyone has their own favourite, but Kiwis seem to like anything aniseed."

She said she had to re-order the British favourite Bon Bons as they sold out almost straight away.

Business was booming, Mrs Griffin said.

"Everyone has embraced the whole thing. The Fitzroy retail community has been very helpful."

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