Artist's 'lost' work sought

19:58, May 14 2012
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Marianne Muggeridge has been invited to hold a retrospective exhibition in Wellington.

Taranaki artist Marianne Muggeridge has been invited to hold a retrospective exhibition in Wellington - but needs help to make it happen.

Muggeridge was invited by Shed 11 Portrait Gallery director Avenel McKinnon to showcase 40 to 60 of her works from March to June next year.

The only problem is, she doesn't know where half of her work has got to.

"Quite a few of them are around New Plymouth I think, but some of them are up in Auckland and I know some of them are overseas as well," she said.

"Then of course some go to obscure galleries which close, and people on-sell them through auction and all sorts. It's quite a disastrous process."

The exhibition will showcase mainly portrait work, while a small number of landscapes may also go on show.


"It's not a selling show, it's a showing show. So I can put in work that's never been seen, and commissioned works that people have taken straight into their houses," she said.

Muggeridge is keen to get her hands on one particular piece of work, which she believes sold in New Plymouth in the late 1980s.

"It was a large one I painted of a squat in London. It showed the interior of the living room and had at least three people sitting around a low table.

"That's one I would love to find."

The South Taranaki artist, who recently moved home from Wellington, said she liked the idea of a retrospective exhibition.

"A lot of the work you don't have to feel personally responsible for because it was so long ago. You can kind of just look at it with interest.

"Themes definitely repeat through your work, and when you put it up in a big space, you can see your life evolve across 30 years as you walk from one end of the room to the other."

Anybody with leads regarding Muggeridge's work can contact her at or on 06 274 5713.

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