Reborn band look to repay Kiwi fans' loyalty

The original members of Blindspott are putting on fresh black T-shirts to tour the country under their new moniker, Blacklistt.

After a lengthy legal battle with former band member Shelton Woolright over their original name, the current members decided to cut their losses and carry on under the new title.

Lead singer Damien Alexander said they made the decision before headlining Wellington's 2012 Homegrown music festival.

"Before Homegrown we just thought, 'Oh well, let's just stay as Blacklistt.' It had taken too much of a toll on the guys and we just needed to move on."

The band touches down in Taranaki on June 15 to showcase their new tunes From the Blind Spot and Worth Fighting For, plus a few from their old repertoire including Phlex and Room to Breathe.

Alexander said the band had not toured together since the Blindspott farewell tour in 2007 as the legal battle and working on a new album had taken up most of their time.

"We can't wait. It's going to be wicked to tour with the original lineup. It's the first time we've toured in a very long time."

Alexander said despite the new name, the band still had the original foundation they had laid down as Blindspott. "We've developed a bit but you can hear the raw energy of the first album in the new songs. There's this weird thing that happens when we all get into a room which is quite magical, it just pours out and that's our sound."

With nine shows on the schedule, Alexander said the band was looking forward to giving back to the fans who had supported them through the tough times of late.

"We just want to thank those who have been supporting us for the past couple of years through all of the legal stuff. We're looking forward to seeing them."

The band is also looking for New Plymouth's hottest band to open for them on the night and those who wish to enter can do so on their Facebook page.

z Blacklistt at The Mayfair

Friday June 15

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