He's on edge of big win

20:04, Jun 25 2012
tdn blake
Blake Dunlop works on his piece for the Tiger Translate FanFavourite competition

On the verge of winning an international competition and a trip to Mongolia, artist Blake Dunlop is a little anxious.

Dunlop's artwork has been sitting in one of the top two spots in the Tiger Translate FanFavourite competition, where it needs to get the most votes from people on Facebook to win.

"I've been jumping between first and second which has been a bit frustrating," he said.

Originally from Taranaki but now living in Wellington, 26-year-old Dunlop says he is the only artist from Australasia to have been invited to take part in the competition.

"They selected me through my website and said they really liked my drawing style," he says.

If Dunlop wins, a trip to Mongolia for an East-meets-West street and live art event will be on the cards.


"It's a cultural event. They try to make it a bit different. It's not just the standard. I think it's about translating different ideas across cultures," he said.

Despite being head-hunted for the competition, the former Francis Douglas Memorial College student still considers his art a hobby.

"I'm not making a living from it, but hopefully along the way it'll turn into paid work, which I really enjoy doing," he said.

Illustration is not Dunlop's only artistic strength either - his skills also extend to photography and videography.

"I've helped make three or four New Zealand music videos," Dunlop says.

He is also quick to credit other artists for encouraging him creatively.

"Some of my friends are from Taranaki, BMD. Those guys are really prevalent down here in Wellington and up in Auckland too, and I've been their unofficial photographer and kind of leaching knowledge from them."

Having friends in high places, however, has made entering the art scene fairly daunting, he says.

"They've been doing this for so long and they're so good, so it's quite intimidating to come out next to them."

zSupporters have until the end of today to vote for Blake Dunlop at tigertranslate.com/fanfavourite.

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